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Formulating Your Own CBD Products?

"Buy In Bulk"

Suggestions: Tinctures, Topicals, Drinks, Candy, Essential Oils, Cosmetics, Etc... 

Why Partner with P39 CBD?

P39 Enterprise offers bulk wholesale pricing for CBD, CBG, CBN, Distillate, Water Soluble Powder and Water Soluble Formulations. Our hemp CBD is 2018 Farm Bill compliant & Industrial Hemp Certified. P39 CBD is processed in GMP Certified, ISO Certified & FDA Registered facilities in the U.S. Our products have been formulated by some of the world's leading scientists, doctors, formulators and experts. P39 CBD products are safe, effective, of the highest quality and made with the richest phytocannabinoids available.

P39 Premium Grade Bulk Distillates
CBD Full Spectrum Distillate (80%+)

CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate (85%+)

CBG Distillate (60%-70%)

CBN Distillate (80%-90%)
CBD distillate is a highly concentrated form of CBD (cannabidiol) or other cannabinoid that has been refined and purified through a distillation process. 
P39 Premium Grade Bulk Powders
CBG Isolate Powder (98%+)

CBD Isolate Powder (98%+)

CBD Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Powder (20%)
CBD powders are another versatile form of CBD that can be used in various ways. Our powders are made by isolating CBD from the hemp plant and then grinding it into a fine powder. 
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Organic Therapeutic Massage Oil
Customizable by MG/Scent
BULK Massage Oil.png

Some Benefits To Buying In Bulk

Buying bulk CBD (cannabidiol) can offer numerous benefits, especially for businesses in the CBD industry. Here are some key advantages of purchasing CBD in bulk:

  1. Cost Savings: One of the primary benefits of buying CBD in bulk is the significant cost savings. Bulk purchasing allows you to take advantage of economies of scale, reducing the cost per unit compared to buying smaller quantities.

  2. Profit Margin: Lower unit costs from bulk buying can lead to improved profit margins for your products. This is particularly important in the competitive CBD market where pricing can be a significant factor for consumers.

  3. Consistent Supply: Purchasing CBD in bulk ensures a consistent supply of product, reducing the risk of running out of inventory. This is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting demand, especially during peak periods.

  4. Product Development: If you're creating your own CBD products, bulk purchasing gives you the raw materials you need for formulation. This enables you to control the quality, potency, and consistency of your products.

  5. Customization: Bulk purchasing provides you with the flexibility to create custom formulations that meet your specific brand or product requirements. You can adjust CBD concentrations, carrier oils, flavors, and other factors to differentiate your products.

  6. Product Diversity: When you purchase CBD in bulk, you have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of products and formulations. This allows you to offer a broader range of products to cater to different customer preferences.

  7. Private Labeling: Bulk CBD is essential for private labeling scenarios, where you can create your own branded products using pre-formulated CBD extracts.

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Our Hemp is Grown & Manufactured in the United States

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