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Providing pure, natural products to improve your health and enhance your well-being.

Who Are We?

P39 Pure Growth CBD is a family-owned business offering the highest quality hemp extracted CBD products for health and wellness. Our premium selection is specifically formulated to ensure maximum efficacy and potency. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to help clients build their business and increase their sales profits.

At P39, we believe that quality and innovation are at the heart of every successful product. Our dedicated team of experts has spent years meticulously crafting and refining our offerings to ensure they exceed even the highest expectations.

We believe in harnessing the incredible potential of CBD to enhance lives. Our product range encompasses a variety of formats, each meticulously formulated to deliver the utmost efficacy and satisfaction. Whether it's for relief, relaxation, or overall wellness, our CBD products are designed to meet diverse needs.

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Retail • Wholesale •  White Label  •  Private Label


To improve the quality of life and health of others. To educate and raise global awareness of the health issues that affect us all, to build powerful alliances and partnerships within our communities in addressing them.


The  represents pureness, clean, unmodified, organic (the basis of our products)

The 3 reminds us that we are born of human and divine elements; our health is holistic in that we must care for our body, mind, and soul.


The 9 symbolizes our humanitarian vision, our strong desire to improve the lives of others, and our compassionate inclination in assisting humankind.

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